EASIEST ICT Silver Bullet Strategy | No Daily Bias 77% WIN RATE (PASS PROP FIRMS WITH THIS)

The ICT silver bullet strategy has grown in popularity in recent months due to the time based principle behind it. However, many …


  1. Hey Casper, how would you go about if there was a FVG (buy) created impulsively let’s say at 9:50 or 9:55 candle. And then maybe a little after 10 there’s a FvG on the sell side. Would you stay out the silver bullet trade or ?

  2. The fair value gap do not have to form within silver bullet. The price just has to return to a fair value gap.

    People copy people who teach it wrong, and so do this dude. ICT have told in multiple twitter spaces that it do NOT have to form at 10-11.

  3. Have been backtesting this on NAS100 in different months and has been a low win rate 30-40% small 1% gain over 100 trades. Not that great of a strategy, need more confluences like LS, MSS with displacement and then enter off a FVG.

  4. I tested this strategy and I was disappointed in you for promoting such crap to people. You must have picked the best month to record the YouTube video. I'd like to see you apply this strategy in other months. One thing is for sure – you won't pass the FTMO challenges with this strategy, unless it's in April, as you presented in the video. I'm waiting for the results from other months. Sad.

  5. I tested this on NAS for the whole of 2023.
    Here are the results:
    Total profit 29%
    time to pass phase 1 (8%): 3,5 months
    time to pass phase 2 (5%): 2 weeks after passing phase 1.
    then it ran up to the highest point in the 2 months following but from june till august 2023 it stayed around BE or at a small loss.
    Win rate: 42.75%
    total trades taken: 139
    Max win streak: 5
    Max losing streak: 6

  6. Hey Casper
    Quick question – I understood wee are looking for FVG b/w – 10Am to 11Am. But what if market created and FVG and does not come back and creates another FVG before 11AM, should we change our entry to next FVG?

  7. Backtested 2 years, 2021-2023, i was up around 50 % in 2022-2023, and only 17% in 2021-2022, there seems to be no correlation between day of week, but there might be some between the months of the year, the biggest consecutive drawdown was 30%, if you want i can send you the fx screenshots on your twitter

  8. Apreciate the work mate no offence but… Silver bullet can hold higher win rate if you apply it right cz ur missing lots of info on this comparing to what ict said in his silver bullet : HIGH/LOW LIQUIDITY SWEEPS
    Minimum pips ticks or points foe entry
    Correct me if am wrong ict students

  9. loved this video I use the strategy on my funded accounts. but I go for a 1:3 Instead of a 1:2 a year and a half of backtested showed me it was more profitable but I might switch back to a 1:2 because it had a higher winrate and I might just up the risk a bit

  10. A lot of the time, the FVG has already formed before 10am and the retracement back into it for the entry happens from 10am onwards. ICT once confirmed this too, that the FVG doesn't need to form after 10am, as long as you are entering on a FVG within that 1 hr window. This was the case for some of my best Silver Bullet trades

  11. Since August started I haven't been able to really find entries like this maybe once in a blue moon but that's all, I heard that August is thr worst month for ICT traders so you think I'll find more entries like these starting September and on?

  12. the first trade you took had a 10 am FVG that you did not take it was small but the video says first FVG.. help with that please…when you draw up the RR it shows it.

  13. Great explanaition, so easy and on point! already testing it and it is gold man! THANX SO MUCH for all the content and value you provide! 🙏🙌💥

  14. With the simplicity of this strategy, I’m thinking this could possibly be programmed as an trading EA maybe? Anyway I shall be back and forward testing this over the next month or 2 👍🏽

  15. Question hope you can answer me

    Lets say the first FVG shows a buy, but we get stopped out, but with that stopped out, there is a FVG for a sell. Do we take the sell?? Or just take the loss and wat for next Bullet Hour??

    Reason for this question sometimes after we gets stopped out the market moves in the opposite direction from that new FVG…..

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