Earning $2259 A MONTH?! Staking Cryptocurrency | Passive Income W/ Crypto and NRG

I am earning over $75 dollars a day, or $2259 dollars a month in passive income with cryptocurrency because we are staking …


  1. Everyone needs an extra cash flow apart from a daily job, anything that can help get a little extra dough each month is important to be beat the tide. I’m mainly focused in channeling funds into investments that yield returns without constant intervention.

  2. Blablabla this is just another clickbait video pack with adds and sponsored products and services. If this guy is earning what he says is because of the affiliate programs from the money YOU spend, not coz of staking…thumbs down down down.

  3. Hey Drew, I've been watching a bunch of your videos over the last week and I'm not even invested in crypto yet. Just in the research phase. Hoping to jump in soon. What an amazing journey you've had. Thanks so much for sharing what you do. You're genuine heart for the goodwill of the community shines. I can see you're so passionate about what you do, not boastful at all. Why not be a little excited about the $$$ you've made along the way. Who would take you seriously if you hadn't. Anyway, please keep doing everything you do. Thank you so so much. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  4. Could you explain whay USDT is scammu? . . . I have been on the sideline with cryptos for a long time and finally I decided to make the move … now Im nervous again if you say USDT is scammy …. I actually bought USDT (LOL) …….. Im using Binance.

  5. to get that much u need to have a lot of money to stake ur coins like that. Otherwise i dont see any high earnings from staking. I mean i dont need my current cash so i will stake my money there but i wont have like 100-200k to stake xDD

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  7. Your act of kindness and your service shows how a big heart you have for the others top brand wave thanks 😊 for the $7k you are really amazing 😉…

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