Earn free crypto by playing this game

Thetan Arena is absolutely the best blockchain game because you can play-to-earn cryptocurrency with no investment. You just have to be really good at this …


  1. Think its cool that break evens just under 50%, it makes the game self sustainable as the winners basically paid by the losers. Even if you lower the price of boxes I'd assume that you'd have arbitrage, where people would buy characters up until around the 50% profitability mark.

  2. Since the day I started flipping with you, I know I’ve changed a lot that really helped me to become a better person inside and out. You’re one of those reasons why I’m always trying my best. Thanks you so much you know I appreciate in so many ways.

  3. People, wake up.
    + He earns 100$/hour means someone else lost 110$/hour.
    + This is a zero-sum game + an extra transaction fee.
    + If this game can really help people make money, He will go home and ask his whole family to play it. Not asking you to play.
    – This video is not sponsored by Thetan. He is not earning from Thetan, he is earning from you (his viewer).
    – He wants you to play the game so you will buy the crypto money (that he sell). And he will take money from you that way.
    – Also, take a look at the comments. Most of them are cryptos traders.
    – Those people don't make products/services. They make money by taking your money.
    Save yourself.

  4. I feel like the thumbnail was a bit misleading, so basically I have to spend to buy the hero but I would probably breakeven when playing the game on the rewards?

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