Drake, Ryan Reynolds among investors for Canadian-based Wealthsimple online trading app

Toronto-based Wealthsimple, an online trading app, secured a landmark $750 million worth of fresh funding, with investors …


  1. 0:40 The lady saying that the apps are too clunky that’s not actually the case to operate in Canadian jurisdiction apps and companies need to abide by certain rules and pay $25,000 just to enter and have to share 2% of the profit for taxes which pushes a lot of crypto investment away. there’s a simple way around it use a VPN and put crypto into your crypto wallet and transfer your funds that way the Internet service provider can’t block you. it is technically illegal but the restrictions the Canadian government puts on cryptocurrency is pushing away companies

  2. 0:30 – How are they "flush with stimulus cash"? 🤨 That's not free money, that's supposed to go towards paying their rent and electric bills and for food since they're supposed to have not been able to work to make money to pay for that stuff. 🤔

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