Don’t Trade The 1-Hour Timeframe Until You Watch This…

In today’s episode, you’ll discover what matters most when you’re trading on the 1-hour timeframe (and it’s not what you think). So go watch it now… ** FREE …


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  2. Hi I’m currently studying at a trading college and really enjoy your videos. What they have been teaching us is if we use a 1hr TF then my leading timeframe would be the Daily. Do you think this is correct ??

  3. I have traded on demo for 2 years, mostly on 4H. I am currently backtesting the 1H on currency pairs. What I see is that it is very hard to reach profit target. I am correct avout the direction often enough, but it stops fast. Is it viable to go for 30 pips and exit the same day on currency pairs. EURUSD it seemed possible. EURGBP it seemed very hard. It just does not move enough. I need to know an average daily high low. Too lazy to figure out myself. The cable I suspect should easily move 50 pips. Then the problem will be that I need too big a stop. I will not go much higher than 15 pips.

    Finally. Newbie question. Is the 1H for day trading or swing trading. In my view it should be for day trading.

  4. Hey Rayner, i read your book on Kindle! It's an eye opener for new traders. I was wondering if you could help me in a query.. Can i use one hour time frame for options trading, will it impact on theta value..

  5. Very good content. I'm using 1 hr time frame since long for my swing trades and results are pretty satisfactory. Targets usually comes in 3-4 days and trade is totally in control. I use trailing stop loss per 1 hr candle and it mostly goes to target instead of kicking you out in small pull backs and then stock rallies again towards target. I totally plan my trade based on 1 hr candle but sometimes take entry on 30 mins if stock is very bullish and then continue with it on 1 hr candle. SL's are also planned as per 1 hr candle. Thanks.

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