Dogecoin news and technical analysis – Cryptocurrency trading strategy

In todays episode of crypto riot we look at dogecoin and see if it’s worth adding to our cryptocurrency trading portfolio.


  1. Bitcoin has seen a strong surge over the past three weeks, moving from $11,200 to a high of $15,900. That is a 36.5% gain in the span of twenty days, making it the best-performing asset over that time frame. While some are expecting a retracement from here, on-chain data shows that the market will sustainably move higher. Accumulating and increasing your coins so as to fully exploit and take advantage of the upcoming bull run is of immense importance at this point, I plan on riding along with bitcoin to the moon which is why I trade daily with trade signals provided by vicente sanz. I must commend the accuracy of his trade signals and his technical analysis as being top-notch better than any I have used so far because I have been able to grow my portfolio from 4 btc to 12 btc in just two months. vicente's services are top-notch and he comes with a very high recommendation because he is an expert trader with a well-proven and successful track record and he can be reached on Gmail (vicentesanzofficial@gmailcom) and WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818) for any trader looking to stay profitable.

  2. I agree with you Dave. I am a newbie but I hate trading dogecoin. I bought it a bit down or cheaper during my day trading in three weeks ago. Unfortunately dogecoin has not come back to 0.00000059BTC; at the price I bought it. Very sad and disturbing. Can anyone kindly advise please. I think Dogecoin manipulates the market. Why technical analysis does not help? Analysis shown it was going up but it suddenly went down as soon as I bought it.

  3. I really love dogecoin and i believe honestly in this coin. It`s funny and easy to use. I collected couple of coins from some faucets, but I would like to have more coins, so please if you also love this coin donate me some small amounts on: D5neZDSfccvPYbiYmsbiTo4RMhQH7JoDi2

    Thank you so much :*

  4. If they put a stop on more coins being produced then it would solve the problem. Unfortunately I don't think they can as it wasn't thought of at the beginning or maybe they can???

  5. Dogecoin Developers
    There will be a Dogecoin developer Q&A on the 16th Feb! We're finalising details, but expect early evening GMT, probably Max & Ross sharing this account. Watch this space. Or that space. That space is also cool.
    Jan 19, 2018

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