Do you have to pay tax on Cryptocurrency in the UK? In this video Dan runs through the tax basics on crypto; the need to know …


  1. Im just asking you a question if you dont mind. If i am doing crypto via itp quantifization, and let's say i want to draw out $50k, would that mean i would have to pay $10k as tax? Also when do i have to notify hmrc and how do i do that? Is it every time i withdraw money or annually how much i draw out?

  2. So every transaction of unrealised profit is taxable but if you loose money they don’t care
    Because there is a spy agents who can see like seeing through targets eyes
    All the secret police and agencies and mafias have Voice to Skull, Neuromonitoring and similar secret technology and if you talk about it too much they can legally take your human rights off and send you to mental hospital and kill you with pills or something else if they want

  3. Another problem is how can safely withdraw all your money from crypto if you have good profit ?
    It bitcoin price reach 100 000$ I think too many people will want to sell it and withdraw from the bank
    What’s the guarantee the bank system won’t try to fuck them up and to make it difficult or impossible to sell and withdraw?

  4. What do I do? My situation is that I’ve put in about £10k into crypto and lost half of it roughly. But if I ever get back the money I lost, can I simply take my 10k out and put it back into my bank account? Because I would have only taken out what I invested in the first place, no profit whatsoever.

  5. The govt tells me all the time I'm just gambling and will lose all of my money.

    So fine. Im gambling. So no tax that's how gambling works.

    Also I play with 100s not 1000s I hope to get 5.000 out some day or just under if thats the tax threshold.

    I think tax issue is if you pay 10k+ and take back 100k+

  6. Thanks for the video. If, for example…
    I sold my principal home in France last year for £250,000 and bought a bunch of BTC with it.
    Then I moved from France to UK and live in a rented house for a while.
    Then I decide to sell the BTC for £500,000 and buy a similar house in the UK.
    Am I paying CTG on the BTC increase?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. I did daily trades on buying and selling crypto under an analyst guidance. I had to pay analyst commission, platform fees and expenses and mining fee. After paying all of these my profit is below 12,000 gbp. Do I need to report this?

  8. This may have already been answered – but I'll ask anyway as I can't find the answer

    I've mostly been buying crypto, at one point the valur of crypto I held did exceed 12.5k, but I didn't sell 12.5k and hadn't made 12.k in profit

    I did make a small profit but decided to hold the majority of my crypto currencies, and plan to just trqde cash to crypto, crypto to cash from now on

    As I 100% did not pass capital gains threshold for realised profits do I need to approach HMRC, or is it only in the case of realising profits over 12.5k in crypto (or any other asset) that I would have to declare?

    Many thanks

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