Do This and Never Get Liquidated Anymore | Binance Hedge Mode Strategy | Tutorial (BINANCE FUTURE )

Binance hedge mode tutorial. Binance hedge mode explained for beginners for the best hedging strategy while trading Futures on …


  1. Greeting! Entry price for SHORT and LONG are not the same. Nowhere did you explain how you calculate entry prices.

    If you enter with the same long and short prices, it will be canceled and the profit will be zero minus the fee.

  2. How can someone now profit from this strategy since you are only compensating your lose from your gain and vice versa when it reverses. The liquidity of a thing only extends your time of getting liquidated. So how exactly do we make profit. If its one way now, and the trade goes our direction as predicted, we make gain. But this two ways, the gain we are supposed to make is only used to compensate our loss. I dont know if am the one not understand your trick.

  3. subscribed! good little method. would I be right in thinking if I open 2 positions one long one short, if one position is more favorable I could close the losing position and take maximum profit?

  4. I really appreciate me and everyone if you do other video . Like no orders open and you open first order long or short And do secound opset and explain better liquidation price and why cross and not isolate and why so high leverage 50 if is easy to get liquilldate and lose all
    Money in futures … second video please … thanks 🙏🏻

  5. Can you do other video , is litle confused when you change liquidation price . Like some point you will be liquidate at least you put more money on position before liquidation price

  6. I have been making losses trying to make profits trading . I thought trading demo account is just like trading the real market….!
    Can anyone help me our or at least advice me on what to do..?

  7. How to advence "know/calculate" the new Entry Price before increasing an opened position that in the same way, but starting from different spot. While activating the Cross mode. thanks.

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