Do I Need A Fast Internet Connection To Mine Cryptocurrency? – Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Do you need a fast internet connection to mine cryptocurrency? This is a question we get asked frequently. The connection speed …


  1. Perfect video! I’m mining in my camper on the road using a 4g t mobile router. Only having a couple rigs it’s nice to know that I’m not going to max out my data in 5 seconds. Thanks

  2. Title of this video is "totally misleading"… it states: "Do I need a FAST internet connection" (as do the TV commercials).. right away he states a "Reliable" internet connection which is totally different that a FAST internet connection… WAKE UP dude, use the proper term.

  3. So basically just to clarify, I have a broadband connection which is downstairs and my internet speed is 72mbps, can I just wifi rather than Ethernet connected to the rig?

  4. This information is wrong.
    You need good good Internet with low latency (ping) so u don't get many stale or rejected shares.

    Speed in not important.

    This channel is stupid.

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