Decentraland: The virtual land selling for millions – BBC Stories

Investors are spending real money to buy land in a new city that only exists in virtual reality. Buyers can build whatever they want …


  1. I think it's really worth buying lands in the Metaverse like Virtua. Owning land plots and condos puts you at the heart of Web3 metagame, linked to 3rd party videogames and more!

  2. All y'all out here acting like this is second life knockoff is some brand new idea that will disrupt the game industry and or be the downfall of humanity. The only two differences is there limiting of space and a shitty currency they slapped on it.

  3. This is gonna turn grim soon. These seemingly free environments are incredibly dangerous. An illusion of freedom and decentralisation. In a real physical world, people can own things and physically defend them, tangible things and actual places. Even if everything is in the blockchain, that does not make the actual platform independent. whoever buys that company buys the people and the people's property. these assets we will buy on this – or any other virtual place because this one is not good yet – will simply never be ours. If people latch onto this and don't question the context, politics, we're going into a problem

  4. A bit more of a, "wait, we can actually do that in real life" "real experience". The whole thing revolves around money and that's it. These people couldn't honestly give two sh$ts about virtual reality.

  5. I don't get it. Second Life has all the same versatility and looks a thousand times better. I can't even imagine why people would sink that kind of money into something that looks that crappy.

  6. They act like this will be the central place for everyone joining. It will change, new and better versions from different developers will come and rip apart those first created realms.
    They will be worthless after a while.
    It will get very diverse and new worlds/games will emerge where they have to buy land.
    What you see here is just a artificial hype, trying to make money off of it.

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