Day Trading Explained For Beginners!

Day trading is what traders call the art of buying and selling a financial instrument within the same day or even multiple times over …


  1. How about if you buy anything whether it is shares or commodities; and it starts falling more in value. Should you still hold on to the long run to see if it's going to get back up again or stop your loss?

  2. After watching so many YouTube↗️ tutorial about trading I was still making losses until he start managing. my investment now I make 0.5BTC weekly.. may god continue to bless you sir he’s been a blessing to my family legitimate working software.Username Above I will always tell people about your platform.

  3. Very sensible. Imho day trading is waaay to risky. You lose too much through slippage, and its also too time comsuming. Swing trade with smaller position sizes. Its less stressful, you dont spend every minute watching the market, and ultimately you make more money.

  4. Hi Dave, Nice and clear explanation. Thank You.

    Here's My Story:
    A friend of mine phoned me, that he started day trading. A Chinese female friend doing business in Europe
    brought this vehicle to his attention. And he called me to tell me how exited he was about this business.
    Following week I got the next call, and he lost 1000 Euro, wiped his account in seconds. This all happened
    last year. And he is still busy day trading. And that's what made me curious. Losing a lot of money and still
    busy trading? So I start scanning the internet with my very little knowledge about trading, and found I signed up and thought, this must be piece of cake. But It wasn't. Didn't understand a thing.

    Long story short. I started in February paper trading or trading fake money, but once in a while. But after
    months of only losing paper-trading money, I see now how things work. But I'm still not not there where
    I want to be. So I made a plan and started since July-2022 more seriously. And start reading the help
    information sent to me by Dave. I did read the help information and watch the videos on Friday in the
    afternoon, but for me it was like reading and seeing Chinese videos without subtitles. So I took a step
    backwards and start thinking and reading a lot, but only those site teaching stuff for babies.

    Now that I have some understanding; My plan is, to start next year First Quarter with real money.
    In the meanwhile, a prerequisite for me is still; … Hard work and Discipline. I have to know how this

    strange kind of business work. Until it's abracadabra for my mind, I will continue to do the research.
    What I'm pretty sure about is ; It has a lot to do with the kind of Mathematic called :The Theory of Probability,
    what I have studied a long time ago,; … Playing with dice, marbles and poker-cards.

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