Day Trading Crypto For Beginners Using Trading Bots 2022!

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  1. I know the markets been pretty rough, but hope everyone is having a wonderful December!

    In regards to fees, I believe there’s a 0.05% fee per transaction!
    The fees are all taken out the moment a trade is executed, so if I closed out my trading bot, all the profits shown after fees!

  2. I have been watching a lot of your videos and I think your channel is fantastic, I'm definitely going to look into this bot. I have one question you didn't really go over and that's the profit! am I right in saying you invested about 1000UDS about 3 months ago, and have now made $60! A profit is a profit and better than a loss, but is that the total profit after fee and everything? $60 over 90 days, 0.65cent a day!

  3. Hey Eddie! Thanks for the video, BTW my bot asked me if it wanted me to use mETH instead of ETH since the investment wasn't that big, but I stuck with ETH first since its more stable. what do you think?

  4. good video, i joined using your link a few months ago iv been trading BTC against Eth using the grid bot and made roughly 20% in 2 months, thanks for sharing and giving us great content !

  5. <Well if you think the only best way to profit from bitcoin is by holding then you’re wrong. I make at least 0.18btc every week with Jessica Pierson's software.

  6. Hey Eddie awesome video , I’ve watched both videos and learned a lot as a beginner for day trading thank you for your hard work. I wanted to ask, would I be able to do this at a 250$ entry or is it recommended to do 500-1k $ entry instead? I was hoping to start small as my first year into investing and gradually increase my day trading

  7. no hate but it's frustrating that only sponsored bots get publicity on YouTube when there are other and better trading bots that don't get mentioned

  8. Hi Eddie. I've watched both of your pionex videos and I'm still lost on one major point. Can you explain the fees? Meaning how much is charged per transaction and how those fees are calculated into the profits. Or is there no fee per transaction and only the monthly fee?

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