Day Trading Breaker Blocks: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video, we’re going to talk about the Breaker Blocks and how you can use this concept to improve your chart analysis.


  1. Jesus christ the first part of the video is garb, just get to the point we don't want your thank you and intro rubbish as well as music, you are not respecting my time with your robot voice and intro

  2. My p0rtfolio is plummeting significantly, I’ve lost about $320k within a few months and I'm not confident about picking st0cks anymore. Are there really no other options for me to gain from the stock market?

  3. brother i figured out two things 1. that there was no difference between breaker block and choch. 2. that breaker block and choch both give us trade for opposite trend and not in trend continuation. Correct me if i am wrong please clarify asap

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