Day in the life as a Marketing Manager of an NFT Collection // Marketing in Web3 // #DITL

Join me for a day in my life as a marketing manager of Ninja Squad NFT. I juggle between content creation, community …


  1. This video is eye opening!! I am so excited to learn more about NFT and web3!! By the way I sent you a message on your IG about an interview, hope you can take a look! Looking forward to hearing your reply!

  2. I have tons of knowledge and experience in the crypto space, but I have no marketing/social media experience. What do you recommend learning if I want to get into web3 marketing? I’m currently taking a course on copywriting

  3. Great video Elif. It was really nice to see you working as an NFT marketer. We really get amazing value from your videos. Keep doing great stuff and publish content more frequently.
    Regarding eyesight, you should eat soaked almonds soak them in the night and eat them in the morning empty stomach. it is really helpful.

  4. So…I just took a picture of the desired nft i wanted…and like magic…I owned it for free!! Friend was so aggro cus they spent so much coin on the "original". I was like yeah…now d'you see why this is a con. So now we're gonna start making nfts! Thanks deep pocketed unintelligent part of society!

  5. I'm currently working on an NFT project. In marketing I will be contacting several large companies. Let's say, for example, Sony, Lionsgate, Dodge motors, Nike, Sweetwater, etc. What would be your advice for artists who are doing similar things to increase VALUE and UTILITY for their NFT brand?

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