Day 63 Bitcoin Trading Bot Results

Day 63, Down $903on yesterday In this video, I give an update day on the profits that online bitcoin trading bots are making me.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. What is the relative return of this strategy? If you had invested in bitcoin 2 months ago you would have had similar return.

  2. In Bitsgap what percentage do you have split under balance between "In Trade" and "Available" I currently have 50%-50% and think that i'm not utilising my full balance. Great videos

  3. Hi, You wonder how to get CH not to see the balance of money that is in BG. I think that if you would have a Binance VIP 1 level, you get multiple wallets within the one binance account. Perhaps you then could assign a Binance API to a seperate wallet, dedicated to CH, and another wallet to BG. I might be wrong, but take a look into it. VIP 1 (or higher) do requires you have more BNB invested via Binance directly. I think the average on monthly base is 5 BNB's.

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