Darvas Box Trading System – Tested 100 Times

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  2. Lo estoy testeando en 5 minutos pero con una ema de 63 y 160 para confirmación de tendencia mas un macd ratio 1 a 1 pudieras hacerle un backtes profesional que usted es muy bueno para esa prueba gracias

  3. I would like to know which of the strategies has the greatest profit in just 1 month, I see several here but the result is for several months…. which of the strategies brings the greatest profit in 1 month

  4. Sir I am new subscriber of your channel I need 1 min time frame crypto future trading for 20x to 50x leverage if it is possible so 🙏 make a video on this topic

  5. Hey traders landing I have an excel trading system simulator that puts in your system stats such as win rate and number hitting TP1/TP2/BE. If you could include in your stats, how many break evens you get in these back tests, I can run the simulation and see if this is profitable longer term. I can send you a copy to play with if you like.

  6. forex should be transparent and it isn't as easy as people think it is, there are so many strategies to be learnt and unfolded about forex trading. but for a good forex trader the effectiveness and execution to trade makes a good one.

  7. Good evening sir. I am an amateur trader and know not much about price action. Hence may I request you to kindly backtest the 9 period and the 26 period exponential moving average cross over strategy on the daily and hourly timeframes and show the results along with your 6 optimization tips to even improve it?
    I shall be grateful to you sir. Thank you so much. 🙏.

  8. I trade from the United States, specifically the east coast 👌 moving stops to break even after a certain take profit being hit is a struggle. It sometimes makes the strategy make less because you could have your full position hit the higher take profit. BUT, it does help your psychology with trading because then you're in a no loss trade.

  9. Hello Trader's Landing. Subscribed and liked . I really appreciate your videos. I just would like to know what program do you use to make all your slides / screens with animated objects ? Thank you.

  10. Great video as always..I personally like to sell 1/2 after target 1 is hit before moving to break even and second…third ..etc target. Just me but helps with my money management.

  11. I enjoyed the video a lot and I really appreciate what u do🤍
    I wanted to see to if u can help me with maybe some tips on
    optimizing a trading system I tested which is the classic MACD + 200 EMA and 1.5 the ATR value for SL and 1:1.5 RR on the 30m timeframe, I tried using swing highs and swing lows for the SL previously but the results were so bad, but when I added the ATR for SL It worked really well when backtesting and also demo trading
    What do u think the strategy still need? I only started learning about trading 3 months ago, that's why it is hard for me to try to optimize a trading system like u do
    Thanks in advance 🙏

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