CwK #3: How To Trade Ethereum – Cryptocurrency To Watch

How To Trade Ethereum. One of the biggest crypto coins, Ethereum trading has provided us with amazing trade setups and …


  1. hey bro nice technical analysis, and realistic as well just as forex things . I need you to fill me up on some basics kindly, how do you know the value of a pip and the least amount of contract size(Basically how do you literary win and loose money

  2. This is a bear and it's going to take ETH down to $100 and BTC down to $1500. There won't be another solid bull market until winter and we won't be seeing new ATH's until April or May of 2018. This is a realistic analysis based on not only previous price action, but also the fundamentals and news that will have negative effects. These ICO's will also be selling ETH in the near future if they aren't already. Buy as much as you can for the next few quarters though. BTC has a very good chance of going to $5500-6000 and ETH to $700-800. LTC might see triple digits as well.

  3. you guys have no idea of what ethereum is yet you still contribute on its price by over speculating. This is the proof of how much of parasites you guys are, just by the way you talk anyone can tell that you have no idea what ether is… all this bs speculation is what is destroying the crypto market

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