Cryptopia CryptoCurrency Exchange Tutorial How to Buy and Sell ZenCash/Bitcoin

Cryptopia is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available, especially if you’re interested in buying and smaller smaller up …


  1. When i try to exchange coins or buy coins with bitcoin it gives me a way off number for example y triend to buy xvg which is cents only per every coin but was telling me that my 25 dlls of bitcoin can only get me 1 xvg coin what am I doing wrong?

  2. Vosk.. Why is mining ZenCash so FREAKING SLOOOOWWWW??? I have mined for 24 hours with two RX 580s and I make more per day mining XMR ($100) than ZenCash ($22).

  3. Question: from your point of view as a miner, how should a trader enter and exit a mineable coin? When do miners hold, and what decisions cause miners to let a coin rise in value versus selling off their holdings? Im looking at Zencash particularly, and its hard to find a good entry point right now as an investor.

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