Cryptohopper Tutorial: Crypto Trading Bot Strategy!

In this video tutorial, I will show you my strategy for Cryptohopper crypto bot. When the market is not favorable there is always a way to make your crypto bot …


  1. Hi again Carl. A question for you sir: the ATR signal, how powerful is that signal? Is it enough of a powerful signal to warrant an upgrade in subscription? In other words, how much more "potent" does your arsenal of signals become when you have access to the ATR signal?

  2. Hi there. Really enjoying your content. Interested to know how you have updated your settings since the past week of the market flattening out. Any plans for another video? Thanks so much!

  3. Sir, I have watched all your videos. So, this is your last video on MACD. On the previous one you were mentioning a 52.86% profit. In how many days was it succeeded? And this one with the MESA, DMI you say 37.11% in how many days? And is this one strategy with the MESA, DMI better than the last one with the MESA and RSI? And one more question please…do this MACD perform better than the EMA with RSI you showed us on your video on 27ath April?

  4. what are the results of this strategy after over a month now ? i dropped out of trading right before the crypto crash earlier this year, but i might be getting into it now again that the market has stabilized, looking forward to answers

  5. You got no sell signal anymore? In the updated macd Video you put in a RSI sell signal. Is the normal sell setting better than a real strategy?
    In addition: on June 5 and June 9 the algorythm missed opportunities. Might be an idea to have a closer look?

  6. Bonjour, j’ai actuellement un abonnement explorer mais pour votre configuration il faut prendre l’abonnement hero. Sachant que cela coûte 100$, arrivez vous à rentabiliser le coût ?
    Combien de pourcentage faites vous en profit ?

  7. Mise à jour de mon dernier commentaire : Bonjour Carl, si je peux me permettre, j'aime toujours autant ton travail et je te remercie toujours pour ce que tu nous apporte. Cependant, je trouve que je gagnais plus avec l'ancienne configuration et en même temps, je perds moins actuellement. Je m'explique : Quand un trade est gagnant, il gagne moins qu'avec la dernière configuration et quand un trade est perdant, il perd moins. Je pense que pour bien faire, il serait intéressant de faire un mélange entre cette configuration et celle de ta vidéo d'avant (celle qui parle de la configuration d'avant pas des futurs binance). Voilà mon retour. A très bientôt Carl et encore merci. Matthieu

  8. Hi Carl, I'm afraid I set up your strategy exactly like you showed and I cannot get any profit on any currency in backtest… I also find you skip a fair amount on boxes during the set up, which can be confusing all due respect. Looking forward for your update.

  9. Good strategy, though it worked better for me with a stop-loss of 3% (better risk management) and a trailing-stop-loss above 1.5%. Backtesting showed worse results than the actual performance which is due to the buy cooldown. The cooldown is not included in backtesting, most of the loss are buys in a short time-frame. This is what worked for me using top 25 coins.

  10. New sub here! I've been using another trading bot where I ended up with 40+ coins. For this strategy to work should I consolidate them into USDT first?

  11. Hi Karl. I am just starting with crypto's and learning Cryptohopper. Your video's are amazing. I learned a lot of them..already. :-). I have probably a simple question for you. I want the next rules in my cryptohopper. IF BTC-EUR > €525 THEN SELL:(BTC-EUR – €500,) and IF BTC-EUR < €475 THEN BUY: (€500 – BTC-EUR). How can i configure in Cryptohopper. So i wanna sell my profit when its goes up to €25 profit and i wanna buy when it goes under €25…loss.

  12. Hi! Thanks for the video. I have copied your strategy, and backtested all the coins today, however most of them were in loss. I have then tried deactivating the stop loss and every single trade of the backtest was in profit…

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