Cryptohopper Setup and Configuration for 15% Weekly Gains Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Bot

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  1. great analysis as always mate, has anyone else ever wondered why more persons are getting involved in digital assets, for me i see this as a new revolution in the financial structure worldwide. Thats by the way though, have anyone seen the price of bitcoin lately, the momentum it took off is something to smile about and with the rate of global recognition around crypto asset, one would say almost all investors earned from the price movement. Another means of earning from crypto assets is trading on the crypto market and use of market analysis, i personally have earned from trading crypto assets and i believe anyone with proper guide. Over 4 months of using signal service from vicente sanz's signal service i have been having less losses with more profits trades. His service can be reached on watsapp (+44 7380 353818) and telygram (@vicentesanz) . Time has taught us patience.

  2. Hey , Do you still use this platform. If so how is it going and which package are you on now. I invest often but always manually and watching my investments like a hawk. Recently just had a baby and its appealing to me to be able to allowed a bot to take over a bit of the work even if my overall profit percentage is a little less.

  3. Sup Nerdy Dude! Love your vids you're the man. So I have a lot of alt coins, I'm up on some and down on others, should I trade them back into BTC and throw them in the Hopper? Or maybe sell half my position in each coin and throw that in the Hopper?

  4. Good video, informative like others. One point I would like to point out for the panic button. After you hit panic button, you could also just go straight to Binance and start selling directly. Reset your starting investment and continue on. Again, you can also buy and sell off directly in Binance.

    Depending on signals can be delayed also. Again.. cheers..

  5. i have one more question can i let the ch trade bot trade for me on complete autopilot to make me $60 weekly of a $100 investment? i say this because i work long hours at my job. i don't have time to do the robot. send me a reply asap.

  6. hey nerdy dude. can you give me the exact configurations so that i can make $60 per week off a $100 investment? i want to do the same configurations with a $1000 investment. and also can i reinvest my profits back into the ch trading bot to increase my earnings monthly? also which trading bot did you have to make $60 per week? the bunny, hare, or crypto hopper? send me a reply to all my questions asap.

  7. hey dude. can you tell me how to set up the crypto hopper bot to my binance account? also can you tell me how to send bitcoin from my coinbase account to binance so that i can have funds in my binance account for the crypto hopper bot to trade off of? send me a reply asap.

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