CryptoEliz Market Review and Trading Lesson #3

Welcome to another Market Review by CryptoEliz. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Remember to like, subscribe and let us …


  1. Hello Eliz , this may be a stupid question , but why do you have multiple BTC charts on the side ? why you don't use one chart only for your trades ? Do you use different BTC charts for different ideas ? Thanks for your work

  2. So glad i follow you since 2021 and now you have yt i follow you on ig too,
    Sadly i cant avail your learning on dc because i trade 1$ only,
    but still i follow your warning through the bearish and bullish,
    And this is the best to help me my new trading journey im going to focus on my self and my mindset ty eliz.

  3. As a beginner, I am facing difficulty in understanding the basic concepts and jargons. Can you please make videos individually on stoprun, liquidity, demand and supply zone, fibonacci, etc. So that we can follow along. I just started following you and you are an inspiration for me but I am very much confused right now.

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