Cryptocurrency trading to become illegal in Hawaii if legislature doesn't act

Digital currency has become a nearly $1 billion industry in the state, but trading things like Bitcoin could become illegal if the pilot …


  1. You guys DO realize the ethereum blockchain circumvents any national laws right? Crypto was BUILT to be unstoppable. Hawaii is psyoping you into thinking you cannot use it when all they can do is control the fiat onranps. Don't buy their lies please. By crypto instead.

  2. Uhhhh you can't illegalize decentralized things that don't check IP addresses. You can only illegalize the CEX exchanges that are centralized and against crypto ethos anyway. Hawaii thinks it can control things but in reality they don't even know what an ERC20 is yet. They don't know what AI is here yet either.

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  4. Out of all the things you do to us. At least give us this. We see how corrupt you are and we let it go.
    Let this one go. give us a chance to safely trade we going do um anyway. All you guys doing is making it less convenient like the dmv.
    We still going buy cause we no trust you. What you resist persist, like da fireworks you see every year when you threaten the people they still goin blow there money.
    Get wit the program. If you just let us have this we can be safer investing instead of going through back doors. We we get rich you get our tax money.

  5. <I’m new to cryptocurrency and I don’t understand how it really works.Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making profit from cryptocurrency investment?

  6. Slowly build your positions while there is panic in the market & then take profits on the way up when it inevitably bounces.

    Or just keep panic selling the bottom and Fomo buying the top and getting liquidated every week.

    The choice is yours.

    Nobody has it all figured out from the start. you can all get training from experienced personnels like Bryan Cheon as link is above

  7. Block chain technology runs on a distributed network and is an unchangeable, permanent record of property and events. It can be used to keep politicians accountable and replace Bankster’s as the central financers. That is why they don’t want to have it.

  8. CRYPTO CURRENCY: the preferred currency of 9 out of 10 drug cartels!😃
    Transfer any amount you want without setting off any of those pesky “red flags”!The block-chain technology prevents you from having to worry about moving all that bulky cash!😁
    CRYPTO CURRENCY! It’s the future of drug cartel transactions.😉

  9. It’s amazing how this state wants to block anything that will stimulate our economy/further innovation… yup let’s just depend on tourism to keep our state afloat 🙄

  10. Might be a good idea to keep cryptocurrency illegal in hawaii..most of these have low regulations and alot of scammers online which has happened often in the past plus inflation drop value in investment..

  11. Meanwhile…. they raised the long term capital gains tax in Hawaii to 11%. Hawaii now has THE HIGHEST capital gains taxes in the country as well as the highest electricity costs along with everything else. Hawaii is a beautiful place aside from the stupid laws and the ass backwards/useless government (which never changes). Florida = freedom (and no state taxes).

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