Cryptocurrency trading platform PDAX back up after 'glitch' due to surge in users, transactions| ANC

Market Edge: Cryptocurrency trading platform PDAX apologizes to its users after a 36-hour downtime last week due to a glitch …


  1. Please, shoot a video about UnoRe (UNO). The idea of risk trading on crypto is so fresh. It is especially interesting to lget about developing your own insurance products. I've never read of this before.

  2. Good day po sa lahat, di pa rin po kamk maka log in, wala po support yung pdax puro system generated msgs po replies nila po … pa help naman po ano na po nangyayari sa pdax po?

  3. Great video ✅From a technical point of view, the major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and most investors often undermine & often neglect the Importance of technical Analysis with regard to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices Regardless of what is happening in the broad of market. Although i fancy trading over hodling, because of its productivity and extra information on crypto by and large. Which is why i find expert opinion in trading has always being a guide for me and i have enjoyed the signal service from a few with some losses unt:l i started copying trades alert from Mr Logan Henri to mine for the past 6 weeks and i have seen difference in my portfol:o as my portfol:o has increased massively to 5.5 btc with my initial 1.2 btc . He is an expect trader with 89% trades accuracy. He can be contacted via whatsapp +1 236-233-2209 and telegram @loganhenri* for more info into profitable trading

  4. the creator of bitcoin elon musk, sole purpose really is to challenge the power of money with all of it's legalities. and he is actually half correct. because now a days money is valued based on supply and demand except for the other half truth and that is the common denominator of money which is US DOLLAR and as to why US dollar is being used as a common denominator. LET US SAY WE REMOVE IMF AND WE REMOVE DOLLOR AS A COMMON DENOMINATOR thus what happens next is ALL MONEY WITH A VALUE OF 1 WILL BE EQUAL TO ANOTHER MONEY WITH A VALUE OF 1. and this will never happen because it defies THE SECOND LAW OF ECONOMICS WHICH IS THE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS.

  5. some traders buys this bitcoin apps and convinces others to trade on bitcoin hoping that those even with very little money will also invest in bitcoin and thus their asset(bitcoin) will increase in value. THIS IS LIKE A MILLIONAIRE GAMBLING AGAINST A POOR STREET VENDOR. the millionaire knows that street vendor will not win but since the poor vendor is dreaming of richness THUS HE BECOMES A VICTIM. and so the cycle goes on.

  6. no matter how secure your bitcoins are they are vulnerable to fraud and theft. by the way elon musk owns bitcoin and sold it. maybe he still has a few ownership on that program(apps). BITCOIN IS NOTHING BUT AN APP. that is liken to an asset which is traded based on supply and demand…. it is like pyramiding the more people you convince to trade on bitcoin the more your bitcoin asset will increase in value. the likely victims of bitcoins are the people who has very little understanding of "MONEY AS A LEGAL TENDER" anything that is of value such as loan instruments bonds TS etc., should have LEGAL TENDER otherwise IT REALLY HAS NO VALUE such as BITCOIN.

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