Cryptocurrency Terms For Beginners and Intermediate Investors

This is a very basic yet solid introduction to some key phrases to know for those of you investing in cryptocurrency. My intention …


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  6. I like this channel however I feel some videos are poorly prepared, like this one. The info could of been presented better. Not sure if it was planned ahead or just decided to wing it. Would suggest more planning.

  7. Hey, I have a question. When we need to cash-out the crypto we bought some exchanges, we need to send Gdax or Coinbase, when when the coin reaches there is is so cheap even loss, is there any smart way?

  8. Jeff I watch your videos everyday bro Sunday was your call out to etn I'm a ico holder and I heard your straight up challenge to etn I agree it's time to shift gears and get on the move like the lease is up no squatting aloud right

  9. I'm at a point.

    Do I invest a little on cloud mining, if so for what coin would be most profitable.
    Or just buy ? And take interest hits???

  10. Jeff you should mention when you research and use YouTube as a source.. To beware of videos that state "this coin will make you a millionaire in 2018" . A lot of videos are pumps

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