Cryptocurrency Scalping Strategy never seen easy like this 70$ to 350$ | Profitable!

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  1. Don't you have a course… Ive tried using MARSI it works best for trend reversals but i dont know how to enter for trend riding.. Even the video about trend riding is setting the same rules for MARSI.. My question is what happens when the moving averages do not move from an over baught zone or over sold. Thank you so much in advance

  2. I always Watch your Videos and thank my Bro. You are a Good mentor. I did what u do but its Difficult because the market always turn against me. Does the Strategy works in all pairs? or every Market

  3. The best thing is you are so humble to reply on every comment. Gr8 bro. Do you study support and res on longer TF before taking entries? What reconfirmation do you use before taking entry? As I go mostly market go against,🤣..

  4. Bravo. Again great contents. Can you plz tell.
    Which is better marsi or envelope?
    How much time we can hold the trade?
    What will the exit time in case trade go against us?
    And which broker do you use.. ?
    can you give paid service, I am from India?

  5. Man you are legend your vedios are great. It just i am having problems with understanding of volume windows. When i take buy from 20 level crossing most of my entries are is loss due to price keep goinv low after that.please explain a bit more on volume and any other way to know the entry will be valid. Thanks

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