Cryptocurrency Leverage Trading Intro (Part 2) : There's only 2 reasons why we use Coinbase Pro

The successful trader only uses Coinbase Pro for Two Reasons. 1. To move your USD’s around from platform to platform and 2.


  1. Can you do this in the US? Ive tried to open an account on Bybit and Kucoin, but it says it's not allowed for US citizens. I've heard people say they do it anyways. I was worried if I did it, getting into some type of problems later on

  2. Dam, you're expressing my EXACT concerns. I'm pissn around ewith like 7,8 and 900 dollars on Coinbase, and not make shit unless the market only went up, and ALOT. Because as you stated, you get murdered on CB's commissions. SO i then got the Coinbase PRO app, thinking I'd have a lot more flexibility, and primarily be able to leverage so as to generate usable profit to at least cover the commissions CB charges for withdrawals etc.. However, CB Pro isn't the tool I'm looking for. AMong other reason, it's interface on its mobile app is TERRIBLE to navigate, and slow to boot. So I'm in the market for a different style than CB Pro. That's how I found your video. The first question I have is:

    1) The money trial goes like this:{ U.S. Bank acct–> Coinbase–> BTC–> CB Pro –> Bit7 –> $profit$ –>CB Pro–>CB–> US bank, correct?

    But from there, you say you take it back to CB "In the form of BTC" This part is confusing bc when you took your profit, you took dollars didn't you?
    Did you just feel it needless to mention using the cash profit to buy more BTC bc it's simply implied, or did I completely miss something?

    I mean, i guess it's the same thing either way, regardless of how your profits are stored, as long as whatever that form is can be transferred to CB or CB Pro, right? Because profit is profit, whether it's in BTC, XRP, ETH, BSV, etc..etc… etc.. Just so long as CB or CB Pro accepts that form.

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