Cryptocurrency Investor Mindset – What To Look for in Altcoin Projects Before Investing

In this video we review a cryptocurrency investor mindset, by evaluating and reviewing projects that we should invest in or …


  1. Thank you to everyone for your continued support of these videos, by LIKING the videos, that you find useful. Also let us know what you look for in projects before investing….

  2. Locating a good project to #invest in is a major difficulty for people, or evaluating what platform to host your dApps, or how blockchain could be connected with real estate. #Chromia a swedish blockchain company serves as a means in enhancing it's community on information, provides tools and a reliable project for all investors and crypto community at large

  3. Neo=chance for Chicomms to confiscate a lot of investors money. I have a few Neo, but not many. Jeff sounds like he is my age and we have seen the real Chinese government. Nothing against the people. Lovely, smart, and hardworking

  4. Thanks so much you’re videos and your perspective is really solid and grounded. I love the valuation approach that is really helpful and educational thanks! Liked and subscribed and notified!

  5. Would have loved to know that you were participating in the ICOs back then. I’ve since figured out that ALL you tubers mention their coins AFTER they take a position for themselves. That should be known by the general public as a disclaimer (also, please note that legal disclaimers are rarely binding, though neither would a suit against a YouTuber for coin advice be valid). But that’s not legal advice. 🙂

  6. I try to avoid crypto that doesn't have a real use. 95% of these coins are junk right now. 90% of them are trying to do the same thing. Pump and dumps are going to become alot more common. So we really have about 50 coins out there that are halfway decent.

  7. Good stuff bro. Agree with everything except the “less is more” approach. More man power is more man power. A 5-10 man team will never be able to compete with with a 30 man team

  8. You are like our lighthouse in cryptocurrency. You guide everyones ship and let them know that even in the biggest of storms we are going to be alright. During every correction I am waiting for you to come on and tell everyone to put on their bbig boy pants, not get emotional and remember why we invested. I put 2k into ether and litecoin and iota and some others last july. At the peak my portfolio was reading 42k and during the correction went as low as 11k. I didnt take any profit because I was afraid. Can you please help us understand HOW to take profits and when?

  9. Hey Jeff can you please do a review on blockCAT? really interesting project with extremely low supply and if it were to get listed on more exchanges it could easily 10x. can you please look at it? thank you!

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