Cryptocurrency Fear & Greed Index Trading Strategy with Python

Hi everyone, in this video we are pulling the Fear & Greed index via API. Then formulate a simple Trading strategy using the Index …


  1. Hi , the source code in the video, are they available for Tier-2 Channel members? Find the idea of using greed and fear quite interesting, would love to get the code to test it a bit, thanks a lot

  2. Could you show us how you put a EMA line in a bot ?
    I have been trying to put a EMA 200 line in my bot as one of the if conditions to open a bot.
    It would be in the line of "if close price crosses above EMA 200 line, buy"
    It would help me out a lot, I cant find anything

  3. You come up with very nice videos and since you type in the code rather than copy paste, it becomes more engrossing. Recently you seem to have been focussing on crypto. Please don't neglect stocks 🙂

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