Cryptocurrency Explained for Beginners!

Cryptocurrency explained for beginners. So, You’ve heard about it. Talked about it. Maybe even invested in it. But do you …


  1. I love seeing a woman explain this to me, It helps me connect to the teacher more, Thank you !!!💫💫💫💛Also you are not only intelligent but your so beautiful too, keep shining ! 🌟

  2. Thanks for the video! I just don’t understand why this form of currency exists. I’ve dabbled in it and left it alone so we shall see! How is it crypto even made? And what increases or decreases it’s value? Weird!

  3. Great information. How can we put our crypto in an LLC? They said Wyoming and Delaware are the best crypto friendly taxes in nation. Warren Buffett is great in investing, but with crypto, he is a outdated dinosaur.

  4. Sorry to burst the bubble, but cryptocurrency has zero value. It's a scam people are trying to use to become overnight millionaire's. You literally own nothing but a computer code or part of a code when you're buying the stock. It's backed on software and can be hacked and stolen. It's limited in how many "coins" there are, but it's really just a novelty and up and down values. A dollar bill is a dollar bill and always worth a dollar unlike a bitcoin

  5. Crypto have been saving my ass since I learnt it, keeps food on the table, if you’re a novice in this you’ll need to learn ASAP✌🏾, this video explains it, if you still need help am here 🙂

  6. Trading ideas is really helping the economy bringing value to those who have little and are now enjoying from their investment. You can invest and start earning in a few weeks from BTC, crypto currency, forex, IQ option it is the best and sure way to be financial free.

  7. Appreciate the video. I'd love the Govt. Not to be involved in crpyto leaving it to the people. As far as reporting sure if it's turned back into fiat currency to make purchases (realize gains), but as long as it stays in he crypto world then hell no that's my business especially since the Federal Reserve isn't even an actual federal system…..

  8. Crypto for beginners very easy to explain 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️ Crypto = Bitcoin is like a psycho girl that won’t let you live your life with anybody else in peace and your Job is to Stay away from her 🤣😂 move to another state 🚴💨….💕

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