Cryptocurrency explained

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  9. In the past several years, the use and prevalence of virtual currency have increased exponentially. The proliferation of digital assets has changed the way goods and services are exchanged and has allowed for faster and cheaper transactions. But with this new technology comes the increased risk of fraudulent activity – especially tax fraud. Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has made it abundantly clear through guidance, amendments to tax forms, and even warning letters to Americans suspected of tax fraud, that it is getting very serious about virtual currency tax compliance.

    The IRS and the Department of Justice (the “DOJ”) appear to be poised to commence a flurry of enforcement actions against virtual currency tax fraud offenders. Likely to be entangled in these enforcement actions are virtual currency institutions and companies that regulators suspect facilitated their customers’ tax evasion. It is thus imperative for all entities in the virtual currency industry to ensure their compliance programs are equipped to detect and prevent the facilitation of virtual currency tax fraud.

  10. The ongoing Bitcoin (BTC) rally has primarily been driven by institutions, analysts say with metrics such as CME’s open interest and Grayscale’s assets under management (AUM), supporting this narrative. First, Bitcoin could see a more sustained uptrend that has emerged since September. Institutions, especially those gaining exposure to BTC are likely accumulating BTC with a long-term strategy and during previous bull cycles it's not uncommon for BTC to see 30% pullbacks and the recent run is yet to post a major downturn because at today bitcoin has gone way up compared to that of last week and this is the best time to accumlate more btc if you can and for this you will need a trade expert just like i did and got in contact with Mr. Burwell Coleman whose trade signals i always used and has helped me achieve 10 btc within 2 months of copying his signals. Burwell can also be reached through teligram (burwellcoleman) and his Wh@tsApp (44 7723 022159 ) for more information into his services.

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  12. Bitcoin has seen a massive upswing over the past couple of days that brought a firm end to its consolidation phase and is now allowing it to confront its key resistance around $12,000. This level has been holding strong resistance through this year, any break above this level was met with heavy selling pressure that catalyzed intense selloffs, but hopefully bitcoin hopes to test the $12,000. It is pertinent to hold a good size of the asset before the year runs out and the most result i have gotten is trading using the signals provided by Burwell Coleman, a professional when it comes to strategizing and trading generally. Within my first few weeks, i had traded and earned over 7btc on my 3 btc which i have held for over 10 months, with no desirable results to show for. He can be reached on Telegram (burwellcoleman) and WhatsApp (+44 7723 022159) for all crypto related inquiries.

  13. Crypto currency trading has turned to the best online business that guarantees high rate of income, but due to the falling and rising of bitcoin this season,getting a broker is advisable to help boost your account with the help with a good strategy.

  14. For those who thinks bitcoin is a scam, try googling "bitcoin value".

    Does any scam that has a public google result like that?

    If it's a scam, why does 1 coin could properly worth triple your monthly salary?

    If you don't understand something doesn't mean it's the devil you know…

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