Cryptocurrency collapse hits investors big and small

It’s not just the big guys getting hurt in this digital currency market collapse. Da Lin spoke with a San Francisco woman who lost …


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  2. The real tragedy is that there will be another hype crypto group that people will jump on so the rich people can cash out from this current disaster, and then another crash will happen. It will just be a vicious cycle to find the dumber people each time

  3. Prices go up and down for ALL assets; people need to grow a pair and learn to become a better investors. I have suffered three 60 percent drawdowns in the last five years, and I still outperformed the broader market during this time. Hard AF, but y'all need to put in the work to outperform.

  4. Great< video and some nice tips! This is a scary time for new investors but the best thing you can do is not to make decisions based on emotions. This could actually be a good time to buy more of your high conviction stocks or crypto on a discount. Wealth is created during bear markets, not bull markets. If your portfolio is really effecting your mental health then delete the app and go for a walk. Let the market do its thing and have a long time horizon. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 19` btc from day trading with Harvey Creswell Crypto in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.

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  6. I came here to learn how to invest after listening to a guy on a television program about the importance of investing and how he made $260,000 in 4 months from $80k, somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm still confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

  7. As the economic crisis keep rising, one needs to have different streams of income, a well detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive, as well as secure a profitable investment future, Thanks so much Mrs Vellajean Scarlett for improving my portfolio.

  8. If you are not in the financial market space right now, you are making a huge mistake. I understand that it could be due to ignorance, but if you want to make your money work for you, prevent inflation from eroding your savings, build generational wealth, and cultivate good habits and financial knowledge, you must be in the market.

  9. Your charting skills are incredible! Thanks for sharing this analysis. You've definitely been spot on with the big moves, and navigating my first crypto bear market has been easier with your content. Been starting my mornings with your videos and coffee haha. I'm with you on BTC's bottom at 17.5K! It is still a good time to invest in bitcoin and trade because trading is where the money are been made. Thanks to Mrs. Florence Osborn for her trade guidance and signal. I was recommended to her by people's testimonies, reaching her was the best decision of my life. I have made over 22.5 btc following her teachings and copying her accurate daily trade signal to my trade with just as little as 3.7 btc. Her trade signal works on daily & weekly time frame too.

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