Cryptocurrency "Cold Storage" Explained For Beginners! (w/ CRYPTOTAG Titanium Backup)

What is Cold Storage in terms of cryptocurrency wallets? What’s the difference between hot storage, cold storage, and deep cold …


  1. so what if i already have installed an wallet (ex: coinami ) on a usb drive which has my private key… and i hold some crypto currencies….. and suppose in future this usb drive is lost/damaged… is there anyway to recover my crypto ? plz answer

  2. Nice, but I'm a noob. Police stations lend out engravers, so just need the metal. However metal detectors could find the buried metal. I think stone/rock is permanent, can be engraved with the police station engraver, and metal detectors can't find it.
    Also, what if the hardware wallet app thingy is no longer in use? Does this mean I can never recover my keys?

  3. Newbie question. How you transfer your Bitcoin portfolio from a platorm like Coinbase on to the wallet? Then conversely, if you want to go from HODL to sell, is that process equally as easy?

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