Cryptocurrency Beginners – Where Are My Coins Kept?

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  1. There is no guarantee that exchanges could cover the losses but what is the role of institutions like FCA (Finance Conduct Authority) that regulate these exchanges in paticular defi underground platforms?

    Its true these exchanges are held in countries which can easily make a crackdown. So i guess by staying updated on the crypto legislations of those specific countries it should easily avoid the problem. The big corporations are now into crypto as well and imho digital money itself was an uprgrade for the system planned by tptb, whatever fud we are being fed i dont buy it; its just their manipulation to take control over the crypto market.

  2. Big fan right here!
    Q What about offline wallets on defi exchanges like Trade Porium?
    Hackers shouldnt be able to access your wallet even if they do hack your private key (since they are offline)? And if they re offline im not sure if the program relies on a private key to begin with.

  3. Need help/advice- I've been trading on Etoro for 6 months now. I've traded in cardano (ada) cryptocurrency at leverage x1.

    I want to hold my trade for the long term, and sell my trade in the future when I've made healthy gains.

    Will my trade be safe at leverage x1 or is it best to move it to a wallet??

    I'm worried Etoro will sell my shares at any time because i have no ownership on the trade.

  4. Hiya mate new to the crypto. But recently just bought quite alot of ethereum on the etorro platform and in my e torro wallet it shows up but on my portfolio theres nothing there I'm wondering if you could help me out?

  5. Love your energy and your passion. Funnily enough, I knew all of this before I joined the video and you repeated the same stuff atleast three times during the video but I watched it to the end. You do know how to engage an audience.

  6. Loving the content and the energy of your videos Tom. Somehow, you managed to make a 18min video on bitcoin storage… interesting πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi Thomas, thanks for the excellent video. Always a pleasure! Now can you please tell me which platform to buy Crypto is the best? Etoro has many restrictions, for example. And I would like to be independent and able to put my coins in my wallet. I am interestet in (BTC,ETH,XRP,IOTA) would like to buy and hodl. I dont like to pay a lot of fees for it. Maybe you can do a video on that topic, I would aprecciate it very much. Thx and take care. See ya

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