CryptoCurrency Beginners Guide, Wallets, Exchanges, Bitcoins

Follow the links below to get started Exodus Wallet GateHub Wallet Secure Your …


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  2. The problem I have at the time, is that not all wallets are available in every country. Do you know of a good one that works mostly in Latinamerica and Mexico?

  3. Thanks for explaining this stuff so well… I've been looking through tons of videos and your the first I came to with actionable instructions… subscribed and liked…

  4. Thank you for the video and good info. Been following since the beginning of my journey into crypto and you've helped out a lot. I'm using your link to sign up for xcoins. It's asking me if I have a promo code. Was wondering if you know of one before I continue so I can help you out or get something out of signing up.

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