Crypto Trading to Gambling Hoti Hai

Crypto Trading to Gambling Hoti Hai #crypto #trading #binance Book a Call with Me: My …


  1. Learn Risk Management( manage your margin , risk per trade), How Leverage works, knowledge of Chart Patterns and Candlesticks, Quantity per trade Management with proper knowledge of keys levels and Market Structures. So when you have that much knowledge you can easily do Futures Trading ( Only for Professionals). Spot trading need less knowledge just Buy and Hold for long term. Hope it helps 🙂👍.

  2. جوے اور اس میں کوٸ فرق نہیں جوے میں بھی داٶ لگانا پڑتا ھے اور اس میں بھی صفر بھی آسکتا ھے اور چھکا بھی😂

  3. 90s main bank ki job haram kahi jaati thi…ab bank job bohat achi samjhi jati hai…ese hi trading hai aaj jinko samaj nahi aarahi wo jua, haram ye sab keh rahe hain kal ko jab yehi trading BS- trading ki degree aajaye gi to haram aur jua kehne wale apne bacho ko laakho rupay kharch Karwa kar ye degree dilwa rahe honge.

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