Crypto trading platform Voyager Digital CEO on competition heating up

CNBC’s “Power Lunch” team discusses Coinbase competition and digital brokers with Steve Ehrlich, co-founder and CEO of Voyager Digital, a crypto trading …


  1. I guess it’s all about the MONEY with this guy, why take more money from people if you cannot handle ½ of what you have now?

    the app is not working correctly for many people, errors, deposit issues, wrong wallet address been copied, server connectivity, no customer service. We are not important but our MONEY is.

  2. Interesting! #Altcoins are just the things for now. Another interesting project to watch out for as it gets set to launch is #BIST which is changing how people order and eat food by giving control to business owners and consumers with it's user friendly platform.

  3. 👎🏾👎🏾 Requested to withdraw my funds.. voyager stated they take 5-10 business days to return funds.. they took all 10 business days to complete my request!! Kraken and other exchanges execute the same/next day.

  4. The spread is terrible for the investor—great for Voyager. Be prepared to be at an immediate loss at execution. Lol it is not a small spread, at least 1-2%. Nothing is free.

  5. Voyager is 💩. They're native token is drastically underperforming compared to months ago. I've requested a withdraw of assets and they haven't arrived beyond the deadline.

  6. Good! Coinbase stock is really for the big investors. Bitcoin is not my own thing as it is highly volatile in my own opinion. But Altcoins are just the deal. Am awaiting the launch of #BIST as a project full of potential which is disrupting the blockchain #foodtech industry

  7. I transfer 10,4 bitcoin cash march 25th 2021 from voyager to coinbase and my bch is still PENDING is very hard to contact them coinbase never did anything like this plus Voyager send me a strange answers for my email from there email I dont even know if they will ever DEPOSIT my crypto to my coinbase account and when I check them on tweeter a lot of different people have same issue with Voyager is very scary to be with them

  8. For me… It is very imprtant the competition in #Crypto! This motivates projects to outdo themselves! I think that this face to face will be awesome for them! Also, I think that there are projects like #EFX that we need to see closely what they are doing! provide jobs worldwide and pay in crypto at any time, that is the future of work!

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