Crypto Trading pairs Explained: What Crypto Pairs should I use?

Trading pairs explained: In this video, I will give you all the basics of crypto trading pairs. I will explain how I choose my crypto pairs when trading or when I want …


  1. Great vid tnx Karl. can you please show/explain what happen using btc/eth and eth/btc (both swap base for quote) when market 1. flat (sbot?), 2. both going up and 3. both going down in price (as example)? what situation is most profitable assuming btc always wanted as highest priced asset. Many thanks. Fiddy

  2. I am new to trading and a bit confused how trade pairing works. So today I did trade pairing ETH/GDP. I brought. 0.5 ETH and the price increased. So I then sold the 0.5 ETH back to GDP but I had lost money? I thought as I brought ETH at a lower price and then sold at a higher price I would have made money?

  3. Hello I just subscribed and liked the video, I have a question if I trade a btc pair say sol/btc and sol made 50% profit and bitcoin also made say 5% profit, will I have more btc as 5% profit for bitcoin is a lot higher than 50% profit for sol in regards to their price value

  4. I have a question if i did buy btc/reef when i decide to sell do i sell in busd or in btc ? Or it does not matter ? I will have the same money and i just sell in the currency i want to hold my winnings?

  5. Great video! When I realize a profit through a trading pair such as (ie. BTC/USDC) does this trigger a taxable event? Considering that my profit is in the stable coin (USDC) and I haven't liquidated back into fiat yet.

  6. I still don’t understand the purpose of trading pairs. If I want to buy BTC, I’ll buy BTC w/fiat. If I want to trade BTC for ADA/ETH etc… I’ll make the trade. I don’t know why the idea of pairs is a thing.
    And why on earth would you bring a stable coin into this equation? Fiat is worthless and you want to throw a coin, backed by paper, into the mix? What am I missing?

  7. I have 1 question Let's take an example
    Case1….we buy 100 dot coin at the price of $20 in usdt pair
    Case2….At the same price we buy btc first by $, then we buy 100 dot in btc
    So finally we have 100 dot If we cash out that dot in future we get the same price in both pair then what's the difference please reply?????

  8. Let me cut this down for you.
    1. Aquire btc while low and sell at top of bull run.
    2. Do not trade or scalp in a downward market.
    3. Aquire assets at the lowest points of the market cycle, take profits at the top of each seasons bull run.
    4. Start young, this will yield the best results.

  9. the first explanation that I've actually understood! Thank you so much for your clear and simple explanation. Very much appreciated. Liked and subscribed!

  10. Thank you for explaining this, you've got yourself another subscriber 👍🏼
    Can i ask though, how do you work out the dominance in order to know which coin is going to maximise profits? I'm pretty new to this so apologies if this is a silly question lol.

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