Crypto Trader Ep 11: Cryptocurrency trading with Ran Neu-Ner

Host Ran Neu-Ner takes his weekly plunge into the world of Crypto Currency where he chats to traders, ICOs and gives you, the …


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  5. IMHO Adam's concept of friendly and unfriendly forks is disingenuous at best. Forks happen all the time, as Jimmy said. Many people into crypto before 2014 are concerned at the political nonsense being peddled at the moment. Too many dreamy HODLING wannabe Lambo owners and not enough users. Use the coins that work for you.

  6. I am bit disappointed with Lorien being the opening guest. He smells like a dishonest person. On one hand he is saying that it is good thing to fork off the Bitcoin to create competition, but a moment later he bashes BGold team for being an unnecessary competition for his work. Other speakers are honest and simply pitch their proposals the best they can while Lorien's primary way of competing seems to be undermining the competition. Also he covers the problem of decentralization which is a big concern especially that BCash actually made the trade-off of sacrificing decentralization for slightly bigger blocks.
    An unhealthy speaking person, I would say.

  7. kinda funny the way the presenter looked so shocked when told that Ether could only manage 5 to 7 transactions a second to Visa 20,000 +. Seems this was news to him ffs. Why does the presenter of a crypto show not know this basic info on the second most valuable chain? 

    I get the feeling if someone tells him Ether is basically a very very slow but "distributed world computer",  that runs Dapps extremely inefficiently and would need to scale to magnitudes more TX's than visa just to be able to run half the shit now being built on it, his head would explode?  

    Shame presenters hype blockchain tech even though they don't know anything about it and just ignore the reality of things. I bet this guy just got into it like 6 months back or some shit.

    I don't usually criticise if ppl don't know this stuff, but he's the presenter of "the world's first crypto show" on CNBC ffs, so then doesn't it make sense they should give this job to someone who actually know it inside out, or are CNBC ok with poorly guiding their audience and perhaps even leading them straight into scam coins who's "CEOs" (i use the term very loosely)  appear on this show with a presenter that would look impressed by them simply because he can't tell it's actually a heap of shit they are telling him! (the pre mined bit coin gold fork for example)

  8. Be careful with these bitcoin forks, especially with bitcoin gold. You'll need to provide your regular bitcoin private keys and password if you want to trade the new one via their new wallet which can steal your regular bitcoin if no one has closely examined the source code. Bitcoin Cash seems to be safe because a few tech savvy companies are supporting it. Same with 2x. But bitcoin gold?… currently dangerous. Best to wait until there is more evidence that it is safe.

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