Crypto Tax in INDIA is good for investors! | Calculating 30% Tax on Crypto | Abhi and Niyu

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  1. Please note, we DO NOT share our WhatsApp numbers EVER. We do not give crypto or stock investing tips to anyone. Anyone else pretending to do it is a scammer and is FAKE. Please be careful

  2. Tax pay karne me thoda bhi problem nahi hai… Bt jis chij ke liye tax use hona chahiye uske liye 100% use nahi hota (corruption hota hai) isake liye pblm hai… Hopefully aanewale time me 100% sahi use ho tax ka… To dil se bol paunga I am proud of india…

  3. When you are making an video stating the laws of government.. please be careful because people may blindly consider you as an expert in that field and believe your words..
    Please correct your words
    β€œLosses incurred from one virtual digital asset cannot be set-off against income from another digital asset (currency).”

  4. 30% Tax is not sensible make it butter spread or any way around. This is no way sensible. You are saying they claissfieid it as asset class but the tax says ut is classified as gift or gambling classed.. IT DOES NOT WORK.

    PAYING TAX IS FINE.. But Paying 30% FLAT on profits and not adjusted Losses is not DONE.

    It's not something I am as a citizen proud of.

  5. 1 thing in the Video is Not Correct, I feel
    30% tax is not on NET PROFIT but PROFIT.. loss beared won't be adjusted.. That's what it is . Correct me if wrong.

  6. Loss in other crypto cannot be set off with profit in another crypto .
    If Govt want to track it then why not 0.01% TDS & why it is 1% ?
    Why new person not recommended to invest in crypto as per your video ? They can try investing with their own research for sure.
    Have some courage to share constructive criticism in your video on this unfair tax rule !!!

  7. Main problem is that proposed 1% tds in every trade…that will destroy the crypto trading and crypto derivatives within India…and derivatives are the biggest and single most important thing for assets like stock/crypto etc…this draconian taxes are shifting out the innovators and investors outside India…many of the crypto startups and block chain developers already shifted or going to shift in Dubai/Singapore etc…we are missing out the early movers advantage only because of retrospective govts policy…and govt need to understand that crypto is the future of finance and currency and by nature crypto is anonymous, cross-border and decentralised…the more u try to regulate or control the more India will be left out of this ecosystem world is moving into…and frankly speaking corporates and deep pockets will not have any problem in 30% tax but to the millions of students and small retail investors investing some thousands in crypto 30% tax is for discouraging investment in crypto…yes there will be some tax slippage, fraud and money laundering but this small prices can be easily offset in the view of long term benefit and gain which would India have in case of early adopters in crypto ecosystem…remember crypto and Defi has a high chance to completely replace the fiat currencies, banks, insurances, other financial products gradually in next 1-2 decade…and an early mover advantage is desperately needed for India to become an economic superpower in this digital world…Digital India will not be successful without a favorable and encouraging crypto ecosystem…

  8. If I make no transactions of buy n sell in crypto hence making no profit after april 1 2022 but just transfer earlier amount to bank in inr on april 2, will i be liable for tax? Since tax is only levied on profit by that logic i am not supposed to be taxed just for transaction to bank???

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