Crypto stocks vs. crypto assets: The risks and rewards of each investing strategy

CNBC Crypto World explores the pros and cons of investing in a crypto-focused stock, like Coinbase, compared to investing in the …


  1. These are fantastic takes, I was really hoping for my investments this year, but all my plans have been disoriented, I've been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made a fortune from the recent 2008 recession and I wondered if such success rate could be achieved in this present market. Any recommendations?

  2. guys, can you pay more attention to what BTC mining is made of heat climate if the BTC system hasn't changed as ETH did, can you get it ? look our forest land burying and firefighters called in yearly and that gets expanding because of this ! why can't BTC mining do something to look at the ETH system what is wrong with BTC HEAD ? why not invest XRP

  3. Recent partnerships with Shopify and Amazon will launch Staxum in top 10 cryptos soon. Guys, presale will be over in 24 hours so hurry up if you want to retire by 2025.

  4. The recent developments involving Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, and its compliance with U.S. regulatory standards, including a substantial fine and leadership changes, signal a significant shift in the cryptocurrency market. This move towards greater regulatory oversight could lead to increased stability and investor confidence in the crypto space, while also raising questions about market centralization and the impact of national regulations on a globally decentralized market. These changes are crucial for investors to consider, as they could substantially influence market dynamics and the future landscape of cryptocurrency trading…I've personally benefited from following Bradford Jackson trading tactics, amassing 26 bitcoins in a short two-month period, which speaks volumes about his expertise..

  5. Its good to end this year knowing how profitable trading has been so far and mostly when it comes to bitcoin day trading……. I would boldly say this here, you can't be profitable and successful hoping on hodling alone and waiting for the market to skyrocket……"Day trading" still remain the very best way to accumulate and grow a strong portfolio when it comes to crypto.. All praises goes to Bradford Jackson daily signals and guidance for the well analyzed predictions given to me!!!

  6. The potential introduction of a Bitcoin ETF marks a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency market. It's poised to bring about significant volatility, with the market already seeming to have priced in the ETF. We might witness unexpected price movements, especially post-announcement, irrespective of whether the news is positive or negative. There's also a chance of a bullish scenario where an initial surge could be followed by a sharp pullback, eventually leading to further upward trends. This development could be a game-changer for Bitcoin's valuation and investor interest, Amidst this, the insights of a knowledgeable guide like that of Bradford Jackson has been crucial. His expertise in navigating the nuances of cryptocurrency investments has been the key for Me understanding and making the most of these emerging financial trends.

  7. I value your perspective and content. While Technical Analysis is useful, I'm concerned that prominent crypto YouTubers often focus solely on T.A., neglecting the broader context behind BTC's movements. Ignoring the impact of ETF launches on major dumps and the precarious state of historically low volume and whale-driven pumps is irresponsible. Day trading, less influenced by market unpredictability, deserves greater attention. Personally, I've found success day trading with Boston Weber’s insights, as his analysis consistently stays ahead of the curve….

  8. Bitcoin and craptocurrency are built on the greater fool theory. Buying this rubbish is a fool's errand. CNBC please for the love of all that's good talk about wholesome low debt, highly profitable equities. Speak on responsible bond investing. Please refrain from talking about this rubbish, as it's unbecoming of a credible financial news source. Thanks for your consideration.

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