Crypto Reddit Psychology: Have You SEEN This Study?!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown! I seriously wish they delayed the report for at least a month or more so they could get the craziness of May & June in there – but it's interesting nonetheless. Don't forget that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are not getting here 👉

  2. My mental health is worse when crypto goes up because I'm afraid of the game theory game of "chicken" that goes on when it does. I'm afraid one day it will go so high everyone will fear it will go up forever and ape in, crashing the world economy….. I'm way less stressed when it's going down.

  3. I feel like if I just read the study, it would have sounded much worse than when you put their points in context. Not that you were trying to gloss over it, but explain it more precisely than they were capable of doing. Well done.

  4. Thanx for this material,had to do "waching twice" and still can`t believe how much truth is in it.Never give up and your Bureau.Respect ✌

  5. Thanks for the great content Guy an unrelated question with of the top L1s is the most decentralised if we were to compare SOL AVAX and say NEAR which is the most decentralised?

  6. The biggest problem I can see with this study is how much the choice of sub affects your experience. I tend to frequent Ethfinance, and have consistently found it a good experience. I am doubtful Reddit's larger subs are a good place for anything, though: bug subs attract a lot of scams and behavior problems.

  7. If you can’t use it to buy goods and services it’s not a currency. It’s a “tulip bulb”
    “ dependent ultimately on finding the next “greater fool.” Don’t be caught standing when the music stops.

  8. Queensland Australia is good for weather, beaches, fun, but not education or research as they rely on grants, payoffs, and good sheeple marching in line to the policeman whistle. Turn the lights of when you leave

  9. I spent lots of time in Reddit during the bull run (time when I got in), I still spend time in there, but I learnt a lot. Biggest mistakes: taking advice from Reddit when coins where shilled. I learned. Now I try to do my research.

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