Crypto Portfolio | $1,000 USD Altcoin Portfolio | How I would Invest Cryptocurrency 2021

This is how I would invest in crypto, cryptocurrency and altcoins and how I would spend $1000 USD in an alt coin portfolio. Crypto …


  1. I'm putting my proceeds to good use. I can live my best life and not stress much over my kids. All thanks to aria_mateofx on Instagram for putting a smile on my face.

  2. What platform do you recommend for Canadians for buying some of these less traditional cryptocurrencies- DOT, ADA, etc. I am having a hard time finding one that has a large variety of cryptocurrency for sale.

  3. Thanks for the portfolio series! i have found it really valuable. i wondered if you would consider throwing in an exit/taking profits strategy video.

    thanks again

  4. Thank you man. Just started investing too have some bitcoin and cardano. Gonna buy ethereum next. I'm also holding 10,000 doge coin you never know. Bought it for $250 I'm willing to lose that, but if it goes up! But im more confident in diversifying my portfolio after watching your video. I like all these moves man. We lost too many people in 2020. Let's all prosper together one of the true meanings of life 🙏

  5. What’s the point of only putting $50 in btc? Imagine if btc makes it to $150k and all you did with it was making $100. If your portfolio is going to be $1000, there is no point in putting an inconsequential amount into btc. Just put it in something like ETH and sell it into btc later on in the bull run…

  6. This portfolio makes the most sense. i agree with this portfolio the most because i always thought bitcoin wouldn't make me too much profit considering that its already extremely high. Every other video i watch always suggests at least 60% in bitcoin

  7. Hey man! Thanks for this review, great

    Could you pls tell me your prediction about Stakenet. Their blockchain consists of 2 types of nodes: Staking nodes and Masternodes. They have their own Layer2 cross-chain DEX. Got listed on Bitfinex. What can you say?

  8. I will go full on alts.

    15 percent for ETH,
    15 percent for ADA,
    10 percent for DOT,
    10 percent for ATOM,
    10 percent for AVAX,
    10 percent for ZIL,
    10 percent for VET,
    10 percent for NIM, and
    10 percent for AKT.

  9. Here’s the break down of the portfolio:
    5% BTC
    20% ETH
    10% XLM
    20% DOT
    30% ADA
    5% VET
    5% ZIL
    5% CEL
    Nice. I’m going to copy the percentages with $100 just for fun. I already have a nice position in XRP and BTC. I also like VGX it’s similar to CEL but cheaper right now. Maybe not for long it’s kinda blowing up.

  10. I would divide part of the portfolio for cardan into three parts and include in this amount another 1inch and ripple. But this is not a statement… )

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