Crypto & NFT Bros Taking Enormous Ls

Yes, even MORE Crypto Bros and NFT Bros are taking Ls! From bitcoin mining companies reporting losses of billions of dollars, …


  1. 13:10
    Now you have to remember, cryptobros are the extreme end of capitalists. They don't understand other ideologies other than money. They think every problem stems from money, and specifically the lack there of. They don't hold principles and ideal beyond acquiring more money and think this is the case for everyone else. This is the world Reagan and Thatcher wanted

  2. Losing the password to a multi-million dollar bitcoin wallet? And that's the "professionals". It's always a bad idea to have just one or two people have all the access codes in a big company. What if they're driving to work together and die in a car crash?

  3. The worst thing about crypto, is that if someone scams you out of your coins, the entire crypto universe will stand with the scammer, and agree that the coins now belong to the scammer.. 😂

  4. I was told that I was dumb…….. because I didn't really "get" crypto currency, and just stayed away. Knowing that there was a missed opportunity, it's a bit of a drag… However it's much better than watching all your money go in the toilet.

  5. Something I never see mentioned when it comes to crypto is that if its a pyrmid scheme why was the US goverment taxing it? Aren't pyrmid schemes illegal? Seems really odd to me. Its like the goverment taxing your local meth dealer.

  6. Ok, laser engraving the passwords onto steel was actually a legitimately smart idea.

    But if they actually lost the codes rather than scamming everyone: They really must have done something truly idiotic. Just have a safe, put it in there, boom.

  7. Buy at the bottom and ONLY buy stuff that is actually generating or will generate revenue! It's hard, but that's going to go a lot farther than playing it like a casino. Because in gambling the house always wins. In investing, it's finding data that leads to results.

  8. 9:25 I can 100% assure you they did not lose them, all that money is going to disappear the moment the bankruptcy is done. Everyone got rugged, calling it now. They just need a convenient story for the judge.

  9. The talks of 'cycles' and 'halvings' just make me think of 'traditional finance's' boom and bust cycles, except worse since they are actually part of the design as opposed to just greed.

  10. I use crypto but god I can't stand the cryptobro shills. Just let capitalism take its due course and make adoptions organic. Oh wait, they don't care about the tech, only the $$$.

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