Crypto Index Fund: Should You Invest in a Cryptocurrency Fund instead of Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Should you invest in a crypto fund? Investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin can be a little intimidating …


  1. Nice push back on the old thinking vs. new! It is legit. The young people are now taking over and their new vision for the 21st century is NOT necessarily what worked in the 20th. And your guest admitted that he needs to stay in the lane. But for the rest of us, we want our world to be more than just a redo of the 20th century. We are going to Mars, we are going to take a vacay on the Moon someday soon. We want a global de-centralized curreny that allows us to function better than we do now. We need the failed countries like LEBANON to adopt BITCOIN as their national currency now so that they are NOT BEATEN down like they have been by the corrupt and irresponsible. This is our futue!

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