Crypto Firms Leaving the UK!

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  1. Feel like this will work out in the long run and some of the really sh** coins will just disappear. (probably not) but hope then more money going towards the real projects

  2. Which firms are leaving the Uk. No exchanges are. Coinbase, kraken and luno have complied with the frameworks set and its BAU for Uk customers. Others will follow suit they have just paused such as Paypal. No one is leaving. Stop the FUD

  3. Uk gave a tax break to foreign purchases (via hedge funds institutions) back in 2022. Just like america they make sure they look after the large financial institutions just not retail investors

  4. not regulated and yet the UK government is taxing capital gains from all the crypto assets!!!! should it be not taxed since the full risks is to individuals?! 😅😅😅

  5. Uk governments may have an ambition to lead not just crypto but also AI but action speaks louder than government sound bites especially when they bow to non elected financial bodies egged on in the background by the us
    If any banks or governments continue with an anti crypto stance I for one will not bank or vote for them in the future … ( when I make my millions out of crypto of course 🤦🏻‍♂️😂)

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