Crypto Expert Explains How He Lost 100 Million… And Made It All Back!

Here’s the crazy story of how Ran Neuner lost millions in crypto and made it back! Check out Banter on YT: …


  1. Lark can you do a video where Ran exposes the truth on how he really made his money back? He's not the only one. Lark, please tell your audience the truth about the crypto industry. Ran is NOT a lion, he is a predator.

  2. Damn man. Much as i like Lark channel i had to unsubscribe. They say birds of a feather flock together and Lark has been having SCAMMERS on his show as guests..smh..

  3. I came into crypto at 2017 and lost everything in 2021. I can't imagine the amount of pain Ran had been through losing that of money and I can really feel his pain and depression because I've also entered into a very dark place and haven't fully recovered. His story is very inspiring indeed.

  4. I lost 100k few days ago to a click bait twiter post. There should be organizations and cex should be workingtogether aggressively to track and stop this scammers but they are not. It's unfair. It wasn't easy money I work for it and barelybreaking even after over 2 years in crypto

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