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  1. I want to tell everyone about the new cryptocurrency eGOLD (electronic gold) – this is an electronic cryptocurrency that got its name for its intended purpose, eGOLD is positioned as an ecological alternative to physical gold and paper money. the value of the coin will always be pegged to a troy ounce in the proportion of 1 / 100,000. The coin has a STACKING of 4% to 5% per month. For information, STAKING is a way of passive earnings, in which coin users store coins on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and ensure the operation of the blockchain. For staking, it is enough to store the coin on the wallet and the staking is every second, even when the computer is off, there are no costs for additional equipment and electricity. Also, for the first time in cryptocurrency, there is a 3-level reward from staking. Transaction speed 4 sec. You can buy eGOLD coin in exchangers. Do not be lazy, figure it out, this coin is the future.

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