CRYPTO Exchange Coinbase Drops MASSIVE Announcement!

Powerhouse crypto exchange Coinbase makes yet another power move while crypto and bitcoin price consolidates: they secure …


  1. I really hope folks don't hang on until USDC goes haywire again. Look for better stablecoin options—there are way safer ones out there. USDC's just too darn risky.

  2. Coinbase is strategizing because USDC users are shifting to other stablecoins, especially with USDC's market cap dropping. They're likely in a tough spot and need USDC revenue to stay afloat.

  3. They're doing this to attract more users to USDC. Coinbase is becoming increasingly desperate because they're close to going bankrupt. It's hard to trust them when they're resorting to such tactics.

  4. Why would anyone still have faith in USDC? It's not audited yet and its market cap plummeted by 30 billion, leaving it deeply in the red. Moreover, hardly anyone uses it these days due to the depegging incident. If you're still putting trust in a stablecoin like that, you're bound to suffer significant losses in this market.

  5. Didn't USDC depeg just recently? They might be in more blockchains than before but no one will still trust USDC since it depegged without any warning… it totally looks like they're going down soon 👀

  6. Its all fun and games till USDC depegs again 😂 Doesn't matter if its fast or accesible or regulated when the stablecoin itself is worth nothing. I guess Circle is just another of Jeremy Allaire's failed ventures lmao

  7. I'm not at all thrilled about USDC being unaudited and now being integrated into widely used blockchains. If USDC crashes and becomes worthless, it could have a significant negative impact on a lot of people.

  8. If Circle was truly committed to fully integrating USDC across various blockchains and payment systems, they should have conducted an audit and been more transparent about it. However, their stablecoin remains as dubious as it was years ago, even now.

  9. Sounds good, but watch out for USDC depegs again due to its misleading reserves. I'm honestly puzzled why folks still rely on that unaudited stablecoin despite its repeated letdowns. 🤷‍♂️

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  11. Never commented before but just to let you know greatly appreciate all positivity we are all in this together, as I actually have something to contribute for once, usdc should be launching on Casper network this year it was mentioned by Sarson funds so that is likely to be one of the many blockchains, I'd recommend u also look into Casper have the feeling u will be very intrigued, cheers god bless

  12. Thanks for continuing updates 👍 I'd rather trade the stock market as it's more profitable. I make an average of $25,500 per week even though I barely trade myself.

  13. XLM is what they're doing, essentially, right? To provide access to the global economy?
    I'm not a fan of stable coins to be honest. And I'm beginning to wonder if this Coinbase fellow (Armstrong?) is being turned into a deep state bully like Zuckerberg.


  14. Crazy moves going on, so much sideways makes it hard to be a believer but I doubled down and snapped up 3000 more ADA just because it feels like a good time to continue to accumulate. Thanks Dan for being here for us. Peace my friend. God bless.

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