Crypto Currency Investing (Crypto Scam Episode 3)

A very simplified look at legitimate crypto currency investments. If you’d like to Buy Me A Cuppa, you can donate here …


  1. Great video. I'm afraid to invest in any cryptocurrency. But, last year, I got many messages from random people on Instagram promising big returns on bitcoin investments. I deleted and blocked them.

  2. there is something about this that makes me feel like the big boys that bought big and got in early are the ones making money

  3. Great video Annie, you tell the TRUTH about cryptocurrency investments rather than those crypto "get rich quick" scams 👿 Such a horrible scam, they advertise on Google and YouTube a lot too 🙀 Thanks for this series 😻 💞

  4. Crypto currency scams,unfortunately,have the potential to net a high number of victims.As with most new concepts,not many will have looked at the ins and outs of crypto investments,most will probably have heard the success stories where investors have made incredibly high returns on their initial investment,and realistically,not many of us take the time to research the opportunity being presented to us.
    I would suggest that if anyone is interested in bitcoin investing that they really have to look into the credentials of the individual/company concerned.

  5. If I didn't know I was tuned into your channel, I could swear I was listening to something out of a science fiction novel about a futuristic dystopian society. It's much too complicated for my puny brain to comprehend, but I'm sure you've done a bang up job, as always, especially the caveat!😀🥰❤🧡💛⚘

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