| How to Transfer Cryptocurrency in 2021

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  1. Do I use Cronos or Stellar Lumens network?? When sending XLM from to Trust Wallet. It asks me which of the 3 networks to use on the tabs where I would input the transfer address.. the 3 choices are Cronos.. Stellar Lumens..

  2. Love his videos, but did we just by past the fact that he just lost 8% of his money transferring??

    He mentions fluctuating price at the time. But I just did it with a stable coin.

    Transferring 169 USDC cost me 25USDC… that’s 14% of all your money gone… for a transfer of funds…

    I could only imagine transferring a 30k portfolio

  3. Hi there mate, how to withdrawal money? When I want to withdrawal money from fiat, asking me for 6 code? I don’t know to get this code? If you explain to me, I really a appreciate, thanks

  4. good video, mate! Btw, what do you think about ZooKeeper? The product is only 2 months old and the market cap is under $5 million. So there is still a lot of room for growth

  5. i sent myself busd from trust wallet and used the right seed (I double checked) but I still have not received anything… should I be worried? do I need to do anything?

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